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Bailihua Co. Visited Gaozhou Orphanage

2013/5/28      view:

  Yesterday morning, Gaozhou Bailihua Clothing Co., Ltd. and Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving Co. Ltd. visited Gaozhou Orphanage and gave the children consolation money, articles of daily use and holiday blessing to celebrate the upcoming Children's Day.

  Early in the morning, we took 800 bags of milk powder, 200 bags of paper diapers, 100 sets of children's clothes, 100 towels and a lot of food whose total value is more than 50,000 RMB to visit Gaozhou Orphanage. We held a tea party with the children and staff of Gaozhou children's welfare home and contributed 10,000 RMB to them.

  Our company labor union leader Ms. Liang said, “Today we visit Gaozhou Orphanage in order to take the social responsibility and express our care and love as best as we can.”
Gaozhou Bailihua Clothing Co., Ltd. and Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving Co. Ltd. are big private enterprises in Gaozhou city, we mainly produce underwear and elastic and our products are exported to overseas markets. Our annual gross sales are over 100,000,000 RMB and we pay over 10,000,000 RMB tax every year. Our companies pursue economic and social benefit, return society while the companies are developing. So far, we have contributed over 4000,000 RMB to public benefit activities including education.

  Mr. Huang, deputy director of Gaozhou civil affairs bureau, said, “Both Bailihua Co. and Caihong Co.’s visit to our orphanage made the children and staff very happy. Our Communist Party and government also attach great importance to help the orphanage. Our society should care about orphans and I hereby appeal to people from all walks of life to care the vulnerable groups and help our orphans and disabled children grow up healthily.”